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MedPlan is the fair, flexible financing solution you can feel proud to offer.  

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MedPlan exists to serve patients who need care and the providers who want to help them.
MedPlan exists to serve patients who need care and the providers who want to help them.
MedPlan allows providers to grow their practices by supporting patients who can’t afford to pay for their procedure upfront.

Medical practices stand to increase their profitability by accepting more patients who would likely be denied by other medical financing options.

With MedPlan, not only can providers serve more of these patients — they can receive payments upfront for these cases without the burden and financial risk of an internal financing solution.

Use the calculator to determine how using MedPlan Credit could transform your practice’s business metrics.

patients per month


average annual revenue, out of pocket patients

Download the MedPlan Calculator to dive deeper into the numbers and see how these calculations were made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my name or the name of my practice be on any of the collection documents?

No, patients will pay MedPlan directly. Your name and organization will not be associated with any of the bills or collection documents.

2. What information is included in the Credit Application?

The application asks for basic information plus information regarding employment, sources of income, number of dependents, monthly expenses, etc.

3. How will a MedPlan Credit loan affect a patient’s credit?

The patient activity is reported to the credit bureaus. Regular, timely payments will improve a patient’s credit while missed and/or late payments will create derogatory credit history.

4. How much interest does MedPlan charge?

The average interest rate ranges between 12.9% - 17.9%, depending on the patient applicant’s Credit Tier.

5. What is the length of a MedPlan Credit loan?

Most payment plans are no longer than 36 months; however, we can extend payments up to 60 months in certain situations.

6. How are patients’ payments made to MedPlan?

Monthly payments will be automatically deducted from the patient’s bank account or credit card on file. MedPlan will send out monthly reminders via text or email, two days prior to the payment due date.

7. Will patients receive a monthly statement from MedPlan?

Yes! Patients receive a monthly statement via email, plus access to all account information through the patient portal on the MedPlan website.

How MedPlan can help you

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