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MedPlan is the fair, flexible financing solution that approves more patients for greater access to care.

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Do you want to be able to help more patients while staying financially sound?

MedPlan Credit allows providers to provide care to more people and receive payment for their services.

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Do you want to get medical care quickly with manageable, affordable payments?

MedPlan helps patients quickly get medical care with a fair, affordable, and transparent financing option.

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Medplan Credit is helping providers across the country focus on caring for more people.

MedPlan Credit helped Surgery Center of Oklahoma provide medical care for  20% more patients.

“We've seen the volume of surgeries that we do at our facility increase to the extent that MedPlan has been successful in implementing arrangements with patients. It's been a remarkable increase in our patient volume, when patients have access to financing that actually works.”

— Dr. Keith Smith, Medical Director and CEO, Surgery Center of Oklahoma

“I love how MedPlan will take somebody whose credit score isn't the best, but they're making their payments and set them up on a payment plan. They've been really great at working with our patients.”

— Surgery Hospital Office Manager, MedPlan Provider Customer

“MedPlan allows the patient to get care, which is the number one reason that I do what I do every day, and it prevents me from feeling exposed offering it.”

— Physician, MedPlan Provider Customer

Medplan Credit is the compassionate financing option for patients.

We believe providing the best care possible extends beyond the doctor’s office. MedPlan serves patients with transparency, dignity, and fairness.

“MedPlan is an angel in disguise. I was in a very difficult situation and they came to my aid. I would recommend MedPlan to everybody, everyone I come across. Seriously.”

—Yvonne O., MedPlan Patient

“Thank you MedPlan! I do not have insurance and needed my gallbladder removed. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. MedPlan stepped up and financed it… I didn’t have to come out of pocket for a huge sum of money and can afford the monthly payments. Thank you again for doing this!”

—April H., MedPlan Patient

“Funding was fast and easy. They have been fast to respond and have shown several times they truly care about us during a very difficult season in our lives.”

—Glenn D., MedPlan Patient

“You guys provided a practical solution when my wife was in a desperate situation. We are very grateful for that first and foremost.” 

—Chris and Jennifer A., MedPlan Patient

How MedPlan can help you

Increase Patient Volume

Improve Patient Experience

Grow Your Practice

MedPlan exists to serve patients who need care and the providers who want to help them.

Medical care is more expensive for patients than ever.

Deductibles today are over 4x higher than they were in 2010, leaving many patients unable to afford their portion of payment for medical procedures.

Providers need a solution that works for both providers and patients.

Providers want to help. That’s why many practices offer their patients in-house financing. But this places burden and liability on the providers who just want to provide care — not act as a bank.

MedPlan Credit allows both providers and patients to get what they need.

MedPlan allows providers to see more patients without worrying about having to collect payment from them. More patients can get the care they need, and providers can focus on what they do best.