MedPlan Credit Leadership Team

Dr. James Rodgers

M.D. + Advisory Director

James Allen Rodgers, M.D. is a neurological surgeon practicing in Tulsa since 1989. Since 2001, he has specialized in spinal surgeries and peripheral nerve disorders.

Jim graduated from the University of Tulsa, attended a medical school at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, and trained in the Neurological Surgery Residency program at the OU Med Center over the subsequent five years, completing his training in 1981. He initially practiced in Muskogee through 1989, before returning home to Tulsa.

Outside of medicine, Jim has served on the BancFirst board in Muskogee. In Tulsa, he has served on the EMSA Board of Directors for over seven years. He has served on the Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital Board of Managers for the past sixteen years. He and his family own and operate the Cain's Ballroom, with his sons managing day-to-day operations. He owns Dripping Springs Marina at Grand Lake in Oklahoma and he was the co-developer of the Cottages at Dripping Springs, a housing development above and near the marina. He is a TU Sigma Chi.

He has been involved with MedPlan for over two years, serving on its board, and is excited about our future, helping patients and doctors both achieve the goal of better health.